The Combat Climate Change Calendar 2019


This is my contribution for The Combat Climate Change 2019.

The Combat Climate Change 2019 Calendar is currently being created by a world wide women's collective of artists and it will show every month a beautifully illustrated action you can personally take to reduce your CO2 footprint … more information soon!

Or you can check out this website for more details:

ILLUstrations for the Magazine by HOWOGE

Editorial Illustrations for the employee magazine No.3 by the HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH. Designed by m.12 studio in cooperation with Jürgen Blankenhagen. Berlin 2018.

TRAVEL Illustrations

"I pack my back – what is in your back, when you are traveling?” Free project. Berlin 2018

Illustrations for a column


Illustrations for a column about childhood memories created at a challenge by Johanna Fritz. Berlin 2018.